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Make Up Brushes

Make Up Brushes
Kodi Professional Bevered Blush Brush Nr 103 ( Brush=Goat )
New 2-3 Weeks
The beveled brush for blush 103. Designed for blush application and correction on the cheeks. The handle is plastic mat, length of 145 mm, with an inscription Kodi professional. The bristle brush is natural (goat), beveled on the edge. The length of the bristle is 38 mm long and 25 mm edge of the sh..
Ex Tax:10.70€
Kodi Professional Blush Brush Nr 01 ( Brush=Goathair and Squirrel )
New 2-3 Weeks
Brush for blush № 1. Professional brush for blush. The handle is black plastic. The handle length before the start of the bristle - 145 mm. The bristle length - 45 mm. It is a natural, rounded. The handle is marked brush rooms and branded of the label Kodi professional...
Ex Tax:18.97€
Kodi Professional Blush Brush Nr 12 ( Brush=Goathair )
New 2-3 Weeks
Brush for blush № 12. The brush handle is matt plastic and a length - 145 mm and diameter 18 mm. End rounded handle, there is an inscription Kodi professional. The bristle is natural (goathair), white. The bristle length - 25 mm, cut - smooth, straight line. The shape of the capsule at the bottom of..
Ex Tax:16.49€
Kodi Professional Eyebrow Brush Nr 03 ( Brush:Nylon )
New 2-3 Weeks
Well-groomed eyebrows are the main trend of recent years, which is still not going to give up their positions. Beautifully contoured eyebrows with a correctly shaped shape give the face expressiveness and harmony. A professional eyebrow brush will help you to correct the shape, eliminate imperfectio..
Ex Tax:4.09€
Kodi Professional Fan Shaped Brush Nr 31 ( Brush: Goat)
New 2-3 Weeks
Fan flat brush № 13. Used to swipe surplus powdered or crumbled shadows leaving no trace. The bristle is natural - ( goathair ). The bristle length - 40 mm. Located in a fan shape. The bristle is white at the base and dark brown to the edge. Fan brush handle made with black plastic, matt, with the i..
Ex Tax:14.83€
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