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CASMARA Vitamin Tan Optimizer Oil SPF 50+

CASMARA Vitamin Tan Optimizer Oil SPF 50+
CASMARA Vitamin Tan Optimizer Oil SPF 50+
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Vitamin Tan Optimizer Oil - Anti-sunscreen for the body with SPF 50+ (200ml)

This dry-touch oil optimizes and improves the natural, organic tanning process. With active ingredients and antioxidants such as broad spectrum filters, vitamins C and E, rice and soybean oil. The advanced formula effectively protects against solar radiation, while you can enjoy the sun and the pleasure of tanning in complete safety and, above all, pleasantly. The combination of powerful antioxidant vitamins provides a high level of cell protection during tanning against the free radicals that cause photoaging. You get a sublime even tone, which makes the skin brighter and softer.

The exceptionally airy texture absorbs quickly, leaving your skin feeling very pleasant and soft silky without leaving a greasy film.